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Outsourced Services

In the highly complex market place most businesses thrive in today, it becomes extremely overwhelming to keep a close eye on the cash flow, whether they are just climbing up the ladder, or even if they’re already up there. Financial and accounting decisions always have a great impact on businesses and at AFC, our multi-disciplinary team of Accounting, Tax, Audit and IT professionals cover every nitty-gritty of accounting practice. From tackling critical issues arising from changes in accounting and regulatory standards to new business acquisitions, everything is safe in our hands. Our specialised outsourced accounting services and outsourced payroll services will tell you how.

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Accounting Services

Our accounting services will put an end to time-consuming and complex tasks that most entrepreneurs and corporates undertake. Helping businesses focus on their actual goals and targets, our expert team will provide fully-fledged finance and accounting services that includes everything from bookkeeping (made compatible with relevant software), Conversion of accounts, Preparation of financial statements, Defining a structure for budget, forecasts, cash & treasury planning, and even the monthly management of your accounts. Every change in regulation will be promptly updated by our professionals, leaving businesses with the ease of having trained professionals take care of all their financial and accounting management.

Payroll service

The outstanding team at AFC provides payroll outsourcing that reduces the burden of prolonged, time consuming tasks for many businesses even abroad. Our services of Payroll processing & support, work towards helping businesses reduce administrative burden, helps them to effectively manage employer-related risks and improves organisational effectiveness. Outsourcing pay roll services also largely helps in reducing costs in most companies.

Assistance on Statutory registrations and renewals

When the investment industry is facing a highly complex regulatory environment, it is important for businesses to cope up with the various existing laws, rules and regulations which vary from country to country. Our expert professionals at AFC provide specialised services to register companies with the regulatory authorities and keep them up-to-date with the ever-evolving regulations and performs timely renewal of the same.

Labour law, Compliance filing

We assist in compliance under:

  1. Shops and Commercial establishments Act.
  2. assist in filing Labour welfare reports.
  3. Statutory renewal every year for labour regulation renewal.

HR process

We assist in:

  1. Issuing appointment letters.
  2. Review of non disclosure agreements.
  3. Verification of documents.
  4. Employee verification.
  5. Structure of pay for employees.
  6. Maintain of HR documents.
  7. Assistance in final relieve formalities.
  8. Exit interview.


AFC, with leading experience in advising various businesses on ESOP transactions, we provide assistance to seek liquidity through tax advantaged sale of shares to an ESOP (Employee stock ownership plan). We help design ESOPs most diligently, by providing a robust exit mechanism which enables employees to monetize the shares held by them. We also work towards eliminating the risks involved in an ESOP so that they become an important component of a company’s remuneration strategy.

GST registration and periodic filing

The specialised CFO services offer technology led solutions and proficient advisory services on VAT/GST related matters specifically tailored made for every client. The hired CFO from AFC, will focus on Indirect tax review to facilitate consistent diagnosis of VAT risks &opportunities, provide recommendations in respect of recoverable input VAT, design and implement training programs on indirect tax, provide multi-jurisdictional VAT/GST regulations training, develop online training courses on VAT/GST regulations and will even incorporate Indirect Tax e-learning amongst employees.

Direct and Indirect tax filing

We have Management Advisory Services Division which caters to tax compilance and provide the following services

  1. Tax returns for Corporates and Directors.
  2. Tax returns for expat employees.
  3. Assistance in filing overseas tax at select locations through network of associates.
  4. Representation before tax authorities.
  5. Planning advance tax and MAT.
  6. Withholding tax compilance (TDS).
  7. Assistance in Tranfer Pricing (TP) studies and preparation of reports.
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