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Management Assurance Services

AFC believes that informed decisions that businesses make are a result of their intelligent choice of assurance services. Our MAS (Management Assurance Services) ensures positive transformation of businesses by boosting investor confidence, managing regulatory responsibilities and supporting long-term, sustainable economic growth. We serve all our clients transparent and supreme quality tax and audit services that help them not just grow, but transform through innovation.

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Tax Services

Transfer Pricing

In a complex landscape of rising intercompany transactions and constantly evolving regulations, transfer pricing becomes a leading risk management issue. At AFC, we aim to provide diligent strategic advice, transfer pricing models and transparent documentation to help resolve disputes efficiently and to support ethical transfer pricing practices.

International Tax Services

At AFC we prove that in-depth knowledge of tax and statutory requirements along with expert practice in applying them globally, helps us to shape the future of businesses. We do this by providing practical tax advice, proficient tax management and assistance in gaining global visibility while making informed strategic decisions.

Business Tax Compliance

Complying to an increased number of tax rules, rigorous enforcement by tax authorities and management of risk, while businesses expand into newer markets has become a constantly growing challenge. AFC brings to enterprises, efficient and cost-effective tax compliance services that help them achieve high quality, low-cost tax compliance services.

Indirect Taxes

In a constantly changing, complex environment that frequently affects indirect tax, superior guidance is provided by our indirect tax professionals who are experts in putting a finger on the specific risk areas and working towards obtaining sustainable growth. Our expert advice on everyday tax implications on specific business transactions, assistance for various compliances and efficient structuring of transactions, build the most tax efficient structure to achieve business goals.

Tax Accounting & Risk Advisory Services

Our Tax Accounting and Financial advisory professionals use global techniques for transparent and consistent tax provision calculations, implementing industry standard accounting and prioritizing risks after thorough monitoring and remediation. We guide companies to overcome business risks and make the most of opportunities by identifying unique needs throughout the tax life cycle of planning, provision and compliance.

Transaction Tax

We provide attention to utmost detail for every kind of transaction whether they are mergers, acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, joint ventures, divestitures or spin-offs as they may have a significant impact on the value of investment in a business, if ignored. With the existing challenges commonly faced in areas of accounting, tax and regulatory issues, our services ensure to maximise profits while significantly reducing risks involved.

Review of Tax Agreements

AFC professionals focus on prime areas of Tax Agreement Review like enhancing tax posture and identifying a charted out plan to reduce taxes paid in cash, manage tax burdens, preserve specific deferred tax assets and improve potential exposures.

Personal Taxation

We closely study the various challenges faced by private companies with regard to taxation and customise integrated tax advice to create an impact on the end goal of businesses – be it sale, expansion or even succession. They are given superior guidance to plan and execute tax strategies and we instil in them the ability to respond appropriately to potential tax consequences in the continuously evolving market space.

Audit Services

Internal Audit Services

Our well-experienced internal auditors work on helping clients to vastly improve operating efficiency and accelerate their performance, since risk management is a huge concern amongst both corporates and audit committees. We help enhance internal controls and execute business plans through quality assurance reviews of existing internal audit functions, standard operating procedures and certain specific financial processes.

Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services

AFC strives to protect the reputation of businesses by bringing to light various hidden fraudulent practices, corruption and different types of risk involved with finances. Our action-oriented mechanism along with specialised services from legal advisors help tackle different forms of disputes by drawing attention to in-depth financial analysis, quantification of damage and quick discovery.

Financial Audit

Our team of expert auditors understand the importance of meeting investor expectations of companies, which begin with maintaining a precise and accurate record of financial statements and disclosures. We assure compliance with applicable reporting standards, identify interesting insights and detect the presence of loopholes in the system.

Concurrent and Operational Audit

Through systematic and on-time examination of all financial transactions on a regular basis, our concurrent and operational audit services comply to all industry guidelines and procedures ensuring utmost authenticity. Through this system, we aim to cut short the interval between a transaction and its review. Our team reports inefficiencies of businesses at all operational levels, detects leakages of income and performs timely review of funds and resources.

Risk and Performance Improvement

AFC’s performance improvement professionals work hand-in hand with the management of companies to identify space for improvement within financial and operational sectors and focuses on betterment of performance and in attaining tangible results. Our services involves various stages of business planning, organisational transformation, identification of hidden risks, business’ performance benchmarking, cost optimization, strategic pricing support, improving working capital efficiency and a range of other processes to improve the business as a whole.

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